We make games.

Because we can.

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About Us:

OKSoft is a young, Istanbul based game studio/collective that makes community-driven and innovative games. Our approach to gamedev is multi-faceted with specific focuses on mechanical innovation, accessible but difficult games and community involvement in decisions. Essentially, if we make something, it is done out of our passion for games as an artform and brings something new to the process and/or product of game development. We've reached over 40,000 users recently and couldn't be prouder to have brought joy to so many.

Our current full-time dev team consists of Oğulcan "RapidKebab" Kaya and Alexandros "Ricy" Papadopoulos.


OKSoft was started in 2017 by myself, then 17-year-old founder and lead developer Oğulcan "RapidKebab" Kaya. While I lead all the projects and operations under the OKSoft banner, it is certainly not a one-man show. Besides the dev team, the games we make under this name(even the solo projects) are achieved with help from family, friends and our community. Their contributions cannot be underestimated and make us what we are. You can take part in this community, get early previews and interact with us through the OKSoft Discord & Twitter linked on the footer of this site.