Experimental Games & Demos

Making games is our passion here at OKSoft. So we make many small prototypes and experimental games. We also occasionally attend game jams. The results of these projects end up getting published on our itch.io page. Most are free to download with an option to donate if you're really generous.

After our first jam game, Record Time, these projects have been solo works by myself(O. Kaya) for efficiency's sake. Their different classification comes from their short-form experimental/display nature. These small games give us an opportunity to try unique ideas and show off what we are capable of without the time investment and overheads of a full-scale Steam release.

In chronological order, we posted the following on our itch page:

  • Record Time: 2019 GMTK Jam first person puzzler, content rich, humorous, atmospheric and smart. A bit rough around the edges, but you can't have everything in a 48 hour game.
  • Cyber Truck Driver's Challenge: Elon Musk announced the CyberTruck, a lot of indie devs joked about it being low poly and quite gamey looking, we made a game where you navigate a Cyber Truck(totally not a Tesla CyberTruck) through difficult challenges.
  • Connor: Layered, story based short piece about futility, dedicated to the guy who "finished" the technically endless DollKart. Original soundtrack and also our first piece with a prominent story.
  • CubeMark: Not even a game, just a satisfying unity based CPU benchmark.
  • Rustbucket Revenge: A white-knuckle experience where you run from a haunted car trying to kill you. Short and relentlessly terrifying, supplemented by a great industrial syth soundtrack. Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend #1 jam entry.

The Stuff: