Future Projects

We are always experimenting and making new things. You can see previews of our projects from Twitter on Screenshot Saturdays. Our discord gets updated the most often on progress with our active projects and gets preview and alpha builds posted, along with getting the screenshots before Twitter.

Our current focus project is Coffin Mall, a spiritual successor to Rustbucket Revenge. A 30-45 minute story driven adventure about being a mall cop with a slasher movie car on display that totally does not intend to murder you.

This project was revealed first on the Haunted PS1 EEK3 event with a short teaser. Along with this, the central hearse can be seen on the EEK3 Showfloor companion game.

The EEK3 Teaser

The hearse as seen on the EEK3 showfloor

Some misc. WIP teasers from our Twitter: