Mobile Games

Back when OKSoft was just me(RapidKebab) making tiny games, I decided to start my releases on mobile with RECOILFIGHT. Born in 2017 out of a desire to get a project done at last, RECOILFIGHT is a mobile two-player projectile brawler made to be played with friends. A notable aspect is that all of the assets for the game were made in-house, from the sprites to music to every single line of code. I'd like to note it's PEGI 12 rated due to it having a reference to sexuality in the background, and the game does not actually feature sexual content.

Later on, I returned to mobile as a simple and cheap way to get into VR, working solo once more. I ended up making SledVR. a Christmas-y sledding game inspired by a meme and an homage to Club Penguin. It was done as a side project with the goal to achieve a fun, 0 buttons necessary VR experience, making it accessible to anyone with a phone and a cheap VR headset for it.

We currently have no plans to return to mobile platforms, but if they present a unique opportunity, we might just make an appearance on mobile storefronts once more.

The Games: